Because Community and Relationships Matter

Our Approach

At Montgomery Development Group, our approach to real estate development, planning and brokerage is centered on two key concepts: relationships and community. Every project we undertake is done with a focus on building community and forming valuable relationships.

Building Community

The team at Montgomery Development Group understands that we’re not just constructing buildings—we’re building communities.

We believe that high-quality development has the power to transform communities for the better – bringing people together, improving health, reducing environmental impact, and boosting local business. With a focus on the people we’re affecting, the economy we’re impacting and the communities we’re building, we strive for excellence in all of our projects—because building a better world doesn’t start with cutting corners.

Where Partnership Means Something

Montgomery Development Group offers industrial brokerage, community master-planning, and commercial and multi-family development. All of these projects require partnerships—with investors, designers, construction firms, city planners, and more. We’ve built our reputation on the idea that these partnerships are crucial for our long-term success.

Montgomery Development Group isn’t here to plug in to a project, do a job and leave. Instead, we’re forming lasting, reliable partnerships that are beneficial for everyone involved. We want to be part of the big picture, from vision to financing to construction – and we’ll help set up, maintain and improve the relationships needed to bring a project to final success.

Let's Work Together

Current Projects Under Development

Montgomery Development Group leads projects throughout North Carolina and South Carolina. Select an image below to learn more about our current community planning and real estate development projects for multi-family and commercial spaces.

Cube Smart Project

Portfolio of Past Success

For 10 years, John Montgomery has been leading community master planning development projects, as well as land development, commercial and multi-family developments. Our past successes stand as a testament to the power of combining vision and expertise with strong partner relationships. 

Contact Us

At Montgomery Development Group, every project we undertake is done with a focus on building community and forming valuable relationships. We can manage every step of the real estate development process, from initial planning to funding to construction, and everything in between. Partners can rely on MDG to take a project all the way from initial vision to successful completion. Contact us to learn more about how we can help with your project.

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